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Ms. Jessica L. Chylik represented me in a landlord-tenant case in San Francisco in 2012. Ms. Chylik was very helpful in letting me know what my options were in my situation from a legal standpoint. Upon retaining her services, Ms. Chylik proved to be professional
and patient, thoroughly explaining the next steps involved in the legal process, including my rights, as well as the tenant’s rights. She promptly prepared the documents and delivered all the necessary paperwork for the case, thus assisting me to finally evict an otherwise difficult tenant.

I also appreciated the fact that Ms. Chylik gave me a breakdown of the legal costs involved in the case, clearly itemized in her invoices. I would highly recommend her services to any landlord who is facing the stressful situation of trying to evict a problematic tenant.

Carey Chiu

YELP Reviews

Jessica is a wonderful attorney and ally.  I am very grateful to have been referred to Jessica to help me navigate an ugly legal landlord tenant situation with my ex.
Ms Chylik truly expresses the ideals of what an attorney should embody and represent.
I will continue to consult with her for any future legal questions concerning landlord/tenant issues.

Shanti Z. Review Yelp Rating

Shanti Z.

This is the second time I’ve posted about Jessica Chylik. The first time I had not yet hired her, which accounts for the lower rating. Now that I have, I can clearly give her the full ‘Five Stars.’ Nothing has changed from my first assessment except my initial positive intuitions have been confirmed.

I would like to again emphasize how Jessica has just the right ‘tone’: A tacit professionalism without a trace of the callous arrogance of many attorneys. I can only characterize this quality as a delicate empathy. She makes you feel at ease, and confident in her abilities without the client feeling at all manipulated, intimidated, or talked down to. You feel that right off the bat with her. She does not go ‘on parade,’ but somehow-almost subliminally-makes you know that she has the reserves of technical ability, and the lawyer skills. That is no mean feat.

Trust is everything here, and that is what I felt. She is a sensitive and accurate listener, with a calm, nonplussed demeanor with a concise writing style. She got right on it, which astonished me. No anxious waiting periods. Her rates are very reasonable. I am low income. She took that into account.

Jessica handled an ugly Master-Tenant/sub-tenant situation expeditiously. You never got the feeling that she ‘disappeared’ on you. She returned my many E mails promptly. She knew exactly what to do in the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the law. She has an extraordinary patience. This conveys that she cares, but in the right way. Just enough.

I had some very recent serious health problems at the time. I was in the hospital and could not keep my appointment with her. A friend failed to contact her for me. When I did contact her, she showed not a trace of annoyance. I learned a lot from her. The matter was resolved in my favor. I would hire her again and have recommended her to my friends. She should be supported.  She deserves it.

George G. Yelp Review Rating - 1

George G.

I was referred to Jessica Chylik by the SF Bar Association. Although I have not formally hired her as yet, I was taken with her calmness, patience and the generosity with which she shared her time. Such initial consultations are typically confined to 30 minutes, but we went nearly 50. She is a good, even an ‘unusual’ listener- which induced an ordered focusing from me- which I don’t usually have. All my normally critical ‘intuitive’ omen systems, doubts and antipathies were pleasantly allayed. There were no ‘false notes.’ I would definitely consider hiring her just based on the way she made me feel. Truthfully, this type of   purely ‘intuitive’ assessment is atypical of me, and not something I would indulge, much less willing to articulate publicly. The less than 5 star rating is simply because we have not actually worked together.

George G. Yelp Review Rating - 2

George G.

I after reading some reviews about Jessica, I decided to meet her for an consultation, unfortunately she was not able to help me  in my case, but if anyone out there needs help related with landlord/tenant issues, she seems a very nice and caring person. I would recommend her to my friends.

Cleo B. Yelp Review Rating

Cleo B.

Jessica Chylik is a great lawyer to have on your side! I had been going through a messy lawsuit with my old slumlord in San Francisco and the renters board was no help  not to mention the tenants Union was no help at all unless I was willing to pay over $10,000 just to get them to represent me in court. So I gave her a call and she took my case , we walked into court and she took care of me and everything like a BOSS! In the end the slumlord got his day in court and lost like he should’ve , you can’t have a rat invested house with a leaking roof and no heat and expect to win! If you need a GREAT lawyer she’s it! I hope I never need another lawyer but if I do she’s got my back Thank you Jessica Chylik!

Kai C. Yelp Review Rating

Kai C.

I also was referred to Jessica by the SF Lawyers Referral Service.  Jessica helped me win a fee dispute law suit against and eviction attorney that was trying to charge me for work that was not necessary.  The attorney was trying to sue me for $21K.

Jessica’s knowledge of contract law, excellent writing skills and ability to work the system got me my win.  I would definitely recommend Jessica Chylik to anyone who needs help with a contract issue.

Vanessa L. Yelp Review Rating

Vanessa L.

I was referred to Jessica by the SF Lawyers Referral Service. She was great and helped me immensely. She explained the situation clearly and patiently, and gave me the tools to take care of the matter. I would greatly recommend her to anyone who has a legal question and needs to talk to an attorney.

Aurora M. Yelp Review Rating

Aurora L.